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With his first act of defiance in this little lamb’s life, Ryeland’s world gets thrown into a grand adventure.


Eleven year old British native Ryeland Borderlester was your typical shy book worm who had few friends and was often picked on by the bully’s from school.  Until one day he decides to sneak out in the middle of the night down to the sea shore where he and his precocious little sister, Babette, accidentally gets kidnapped and become stow always on an ominous ship in the harbor.  However, this is no ordinary ship they find themselves on, but Captain Argyle’s, a Scottish ram, ex-Royal Navy who had now turned Pirate!


Ryeland and Babette get caught up on a mysterious quest with Captain Argyle and his crew of swashbuckling animals from all over the world.  They travel the seas where they meet colorful characters who half aid and half hinder them on their adventure.  Ryeland quickly adapts to his new surroundings, finding purpose and even friendship among the pirates. 


Until, that is, Babette gets stolen away by Horace the Horrible Hare, Captain of the Carnivorous Coral and the scurviest pirate in all the seven seas!


Now, it’s a race against time that Argyle and Ryeland have to face.  Secrets are revealed and the past catches up with Argyle.  The captain can no longer trust everyone on his ship and his covert mission now draws the attention of the Royal Navy, Dutch Fleet and the Greek’s Sea Force.


Will Ryeland be able to save Babette, help Argyle with his mystery quest and avoid a pending sea battle between three nations?  Or will he be forced to break free from his fear and do the one thing this logical little lamb has hid from his whole life…joining the fight.




"Think Wind in the Willows meets Pirates of the Caribbean, with a few extra twists for good measure. That's what this story will give you, and it is brilliant. This novel is the adventure of a lifetime."

~Pure Jonel, Book Critic


"This is a book for readers and dreamers. Others do not apply. Better still read this to your children so they'll dream and read more."

~Roy Murry, Book Critic


"I love this story! It is written for children but all ages will enjoy it! The Middle School in the town where I live has downloaded it to the Kindles in the library. The students have continually checked them out. Great book!!!!"
~Rose Gloe, Education Administrator


"Loved, LOVED this book. Great Characters and story. Can't wait for the next adventure and the animated film adaptation! Would recommend to young adults and adults with an adventurous spirit."

~Andrea Ruthorford, Producer


" I would buy another book in a heartbeat."

~Adolf Marrero, Actor




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